Access Well-being space :

In a session of 50minutes, you will take advantage of the traditional Sauna and the Jacuzzi; the heat of the sauna allows to eliminate toxin and strengthens your immune systems, whereas the jets of air and water of the Jacuzzi relax your muscles and reactivate your blood circulation; a fresh shower will end this moment of relaxation.

The access is forbidden to pregnant persons, either below 16 years, or affected of a contagious disease or any other infection or a disease containing a formal medical contraindication.

Take advantage of your stay to take care of you:

Anne, energetics specialist Master Reiki, proposes you a moment of relaxation and ressourcement with an energy rebalancing (care Reiki) or a guided meditation.

The Reiki is a method of natural health, harmony and relaxation which acts on the totality of the being; it is a technique close to the magnetism, coming from Japan; reiki means " Strength of Universal Life ( REI) " and " Energy of the Strength of Life ( Ki) ".

This energy rebalancing is made by laying on of hands in particular at the level of chakras, person being dressed in flexible clothes.